AFU warriors push rashists away from first line of defense of Kherson 06/20/2022 12:34:01. Total views 606. Views today — 0.

The Ukrainian military was able to push back the rashists from their first line of defense in Kherson. This was stated by adviser to the head of the Kherson regional military administration Serhiy Khlan on the air of the Espresso TV channel.

"In a military sense, we are recording our successes that we have achieved in the past two weeks. We are waiting for weapons so that we can liberate our native land and clean it from the occupier. Our Armed Forces have driven the occupier out of the first line of defense, which the enemy boasted about. Now they are fortifying on the second and third lines of defense. At the same time, our Armed Forces were delivering powerful and accurate strikes on ammunition depots. We had advantages for two weeks, and they were coordinated with the partisan movement, which is intensifying in the occupied territory of the Kherson oblast", - Khlan said.

As previously reported, the invaders in the Kherson region no longer trust local collaborators, replacing them with personnel from CADLO.