AFU destroy russian tugboat that was carrying ammunition and personnel to Snake Island 06/17/2022 13:23:30. Total views 566. Views today — 0.

With Harpoon missiles, the AFU destroyed the Vasily Bekh russian tugboat, which was carrying ammunition and personnel to the Snake Island. This was reported in Telegram by head of the Odesa oblast military administration Maksym Marchenko.

"In the water area of the Black Sea this morning, Harpoon missiles hit the Vasily Beh tugboat of the Black Sea Fleet during the transport of ammunition, weapons, personnel and the Tor ADMS to Snake Island", - he reported.

"Convey your congratulations to the crew of the Moskva cruiser", - Marchenko noted.

Reference: Built at the Astrakhan shipyard, the Vasily Bekh tugboat was accepted into the Black Sea Fleet of the russian federation in 2017.