Russia fired Grads more than 300 times from its territory at Ukraine – Bellingcat 04/18/2016 11:35:40. Total views 1152. Views today — 0.

An international team of Bellingcat journalists established facts of Grad use by Russian side from its territory against Ukraine more than 300 times. This head of the organization Eliot Higgins told German ARD television channel, - informs Ukrinform.

"We investigated the attacks of the summer in 2014 in Ukraine, most showed that the attacks were carried out on the other side of the border in Russia but did not have enough evidence," - said Higgins.

Now, he said the evidence emerged from the analysis of satellite data: after entering open programmes of Google, "everyone can see that from the middle of July 2014 the fields (in eastern Ukraine) were fired at from Grad, more than 300 attacks", the report noted .

You can find multiple rocket launchers hidden in shelters on the same maps.

According to journalists, the Russian military fired at least in five directions. There is video evidence and in social networks and to establish exactly where they were filmed was possible due to Google Maps, - says Higgins.

"All this suggests that they were planned attacks", - said the journalist.