Speaker of russian parliament proposes to preserve "death penalty" in "DNR" 06/15/2022 11:47:15. Total views 542. Views today — 1.

Head of the State Duma of russia Vyacheslav Volodin stated that the right to the death penalty should be preserved in the territory of the so-called "DNR". In his opinion, the right to deprive hostages of life should be enshrined in the "legislation of the republic".

"There is a norm in the "DNR" that should be preserved. This is especially true in wartime conditions. We are talking about the death penalty. The death penalty is a measure of punishment that these fascists deserve", - Volodin wrote.

The head of the State Duma did not specify what kind of punishment the rashists, shelling residential areas of cities in the territory controlled by Ukraine, deserve.

As previously reported, the "DNR" decided to execute three foreigners who fought on the side of the AFU.