Russian regions begin to declare mourning for occupiers died in Ukraine 06/13/2022 13:30:01. Total views 1099. Views today — 0.

A day of mourning for the russian occupier who died in Ukraine was announced in one of the districts of the Novosibirsk oblast. This was reported in the group of the Tatar regional administration in VKontakte.

It is noted that 20-year-old native of the Novosibirsk oblast Danila Fabrytskiy died during a "special operation" on the territory of Ukraine.

His death was the reason for declaring July 13 as a community-based day of mourning.

Thus, the death of russian invaders in Ukraine in the public conscience of russians ceases to be a matter of relatives and friends.

Earlier, head of the Novosibirsk oblast Andrey Travnikov announced the death of five residents of the region in Ukraine. Later, only district administrations, local newspapers or municipal institutions began to report on the deaths of soldiers. The total official number of victims from the Novosibirsk oblast, judging by the statements of the authorities, could already reach 50 people.

As previously reported, the official russian statistics of russia's losses in the war against Ukraine does not show the real picture. The Ministry of Defense reported losses only twice: on March 2 and 25, and gave figures of 498 and 1 351 people. Researchers on open sources - posts by relatives, news in the local media and reports from the local authorities - talk about 3300 Cargo 200 as of mid-June. However, these data are far from real. A significant part of the dead russians remains on the battlefield or in morgues and refrigerators in the territory controlled by Ukraine. Most often, their bodies are unidentified and are not included in the loss statistics. Relatives are informed that their close ones "have gone missing".