Russia has plan for 120 days of war - Main Directorate of Intelligence 06/12/2022 10:15:48. Total views 402. Views today — 0.

The invaders have a plan for 120 days of war in Ukraine. This was stated by representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate Vadym Skibitsky, - is reported in the Telegram channel of the Main Intelligence Directorate on June 11.

"We have confirmed information that the russians have a plan for 120 days of war", - Skibitsky said. – Further adjustment of this plan will depend on how successful the enemy is or, conversely, defeated in eastern Ukraine".

According to Skibitsky, the russians never managed to achieve the goal that putin announced at the beginning of the war – the defenders of Ukraine thwarted the blitzkrieg plan to capture Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odesa.

At the same time, Skibitsky stressed that russia had not abandoned the plan for the complete seizure of Ukraine.

According to him, Ukrainian military intelligence data indicates that russia still has sufficient potential to wage a prolonged war against Ukraine.

Thus, according to Skibitsky, the enemy uses 103 battalion tactical groups on the territory of Ukraine, which are directly involved in hostilities.

About 40 more battalion tactical groups are in reserve and can be used against the AFU.

Let us recall that on June 10, deputy head of military intelligence of Ukraine Vadym Skibitsky stated to The Guardian British newspaper that Ukraine was losing to russia in the artillery war.