Population of Mariupol after russian occupation decreased by 5 times, number of pensioners - 3 times 06/08/2022 12:14:39. Total views 475. Views today — 0.

The population of Mariupol after the invasion of russian occupiers decreased by five times. This is said in the message of the Mariupol City Council.

According to the data available to officials, about 200 thousand residents of the city left for the territory controlled by Ukraine. Approximately 50-70 thousand residents of the city are either in the villages near Mariupol, or in the occupied territory of the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine.

The number of deported people on the territory of the russian federation and Belarus is estimated at 47 thousand people, and more than 22 thousand people died as a result of the attack of the russian invaders.

Thus, from 100 to 120 thousand permanent residents remain in the city.

It is also noted that according to the "pension fund" of the "DNR" terrorist organization, 46 thousand pensioners currently live in Mariupol. This is three times less than before the invasion of the russian occupation forces: 136 thousand pensioners lived in Mariupol before the start of a full-scale war.