Rashists in Mariupol threaten to arrest teachers if children do not sing russian anthem by June 12 06/07/2022 17:39:54. Total views 524. Views today — 0.

Russian invaders in Mariupol threaten teachers and kindergarten teachers with arrest and deprivation of rations if by June 12, the children do not sing the russian anthem. Adviser to the mayor of Ukrainian Mariupol Petro Andriushchenko reported this in Telegram.

"Occupation authorities of the city instructed teachers, employees of children's centers and kindergartens (those that work) to provide a video recording of children singing the anthem of russia and the "young republics" by the "day of russia" on June 12. Video recordings will be massively distributed in confirmation of the "joy of russia's arrival" flash mob "We have been waiting for 8 years". In case of refusal to perform, teachers are threatened with arrest and exclusion from the lists for receiving humanitarian aid (and their families as well). No options", - Andriushchenko reported.

"Forcing children into propaganda - what other facets of Nazism will the russians in Mariupol come up with for the sake of a picture?" - he stated.