Occupiers of "DNR" stage trial of foreign defenders of Ukraine. They want to shoot them down 06/07/2022 10:52:05. Total views 311. Views today — 0.

An imitation of a "trial" over foreign defenders of Ukraine began in occupied Donetsk. This follows from the press service of the fake "supreme court of the DNR".

"After the preliminary hearing, the first meeting of the Supreme Court of the DNR on the cases of foreign mercenaries of Kyiv who fought in the Donbas was held", - it notes.

British citizens Shaun Pinner and Andrew Hill, as well as citizen of the Kingdom of Morocco Saadoun Brahim, who fought against the russian invaders on the side of the AFU, are groundlessly charged with "forcible seizure of power", "mercenarism" and "training in order to carry out terrorist activities".

Leader of the "DNR" Denis Pushilin stated that the so-called "general prosecutor's office of the republic" demands from a legally worthless court to "sentence" the foreign defenders of Ukraine to death.