Sloviansk is completely de-energized as result of shelling by rashists 06/02/2022 18:06:14. Total views 426. Views today — 0.

There is no power supply in Sloviansk after shelling by the russian occupiers. This was stated by mayor of the city Vadym Liakh on his Facebook page on June 2.

Along with electricity, the townspeople were left without water, despite the fact that the Voda Donbasu public utility company had carried out work to restore water supply the day before.

"There is no electricity in the city due to a broken high-voltage line. The water supply has been cut off, which the Voda Donbasu enterprise began to debug yesterday", - Vadym Liakh wrote.

He also told that as a result of the shelling of the detached house suburbs there were no victims or casualties in the city.

The mayor of Sloviansk called on the residents of the city to evacuate again.