Rashists fire at Sviatohirsk Lavra. There are dead, including archimandrite 06/02/2022 09:47:04. Total views 342. Views today — 0.

Metropolitan of Donetsk and Mariupol (UOC-MP) Hilarion reported shelling of the Siyatohirsk Lavra on May 30, as a result of which three churchmen and an unknown number of parishioners were killed, - Donbas Orthodox writes today, on June 1.

"I inform you with deep sorrow that on the 3rd and 4th monastic buildings of the Holy Dormition Sviatohirsk Lavra were damaged on May 30 during the clashes. Dean of the Lavra, Archimandrite Galaktion, monk Aristokliy and nun Varvara were killed during the shelling", - Hilarion informed.

According to him, hieromonks Joasaph and Amphilochius, as well as hierodeacon Alipiy, were injured.

At the same time, judging by the words of the Metropolitan, there are victims among the parishioners, but their number is unknown. "The number of dead and injured laypeople is unknown at the moment... ", - Hilarion is quoted as saying.