"Speaker of State Council" of Crimea proposes to stop learning English in schools, as "no one will go to London" 05/26/2022 16:16:56. Total views 574. Views today — 1.

The so-called "Speaker of the State Council" of the occupied Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov has proposed to exclude the study of English from the school curriculum. This is reported by the russian media.

"Languages are quite a controversial issue for me. Why should we blindly follow the path of the English language? Why learn something that is not necessary if a person will never go to London?" - Konstantinov stated.

According to Konstantinov, learning English, a child becomes a "hostage", because "he will later want to know what is England like".

"Let us study our languages and develop our languages. The British have been at war with us for a thousand years, and we continue to study them. We spend money on teachers, we waste time, then there is not enough time for history", - the "state council speaker" stated.

As previously reported, leader of the Crimean "State Council" Konstantinov suggested that the Crimeans "chip in" as much as they can for the new Moskva cruiser.