Proposals for embargo on russian oil in EU come to deadlock - NYT 05/26/2022 13:52:30. Total views 238. Views today — 2.

Hungary continues to block the EU proposal for an embargo on russian oil. This is written by The New York Times.

"Hopes that the standoff between Hungary and the other 26 members of the bloc could be overcome at a summit in Brussels on May 30-31 are fading. Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary, seeming to relish his position as the E.U.’s spoiler-in-chief, asked earlier this week that the proposed embargo remain off the table because his concerns were not anywhere close to being resolved", - the newspaper notes.

As reports, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, on Wednesday, Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands was sceptical the impasse with Hungary would get resolved next week.

"Orban is not giving a lot of reason to hope that we could get to a deal one of these days", - Rutte noted.

According to him, the EU will finally break the impasse on the issue of the embargo on russian oil.

Let us recall that negotiations in Brussels over giving Hungary concessions have been going on for the past few weeks. Orban has demanded more time before Hungary weans itself from russian oil, as well as EU funds to help the country transition to new resources and avoid, as he described it, an "atomic bomb" for Hungary’s economy.

As previously reported, mayor of Mariupol destroyed by russian invaders Vadym Boychenko called on the world leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos to impose an embargo on russian oil and gas.