Occupation corps of russian federation is not enough for gauleiter of Kherson region – traitor asks for "russian military base" 05/24/2022 09:48:58. Total views 711. Views today — 0.

Collaborationist authorities of the Kherson oblast will ask to place a russian military base in the region. This idea was voiced by traitor to the Motherland, who calls himself deputy "head of the civil-military administration of the region" Kirill Stremousov, - russian media report.

"There should be a military base of the russian federation in the Kherson oblast. We will ask for this, and the entire population is interested in this. First of all, this is vital and will become a guarantor of the security of the region and its residents", - he said.

According to the warped logic of the traitor, "it is the russian army that protects the Kherson oblast from the constant attempts of Ukrainian nationalists to carry out a missile strike on the villages and cities".

The russian military occupied the Kherson oblast in mid-March. The invaders formed civil-military administration from among the collaborators on the ground.