"DNR" people want to raze Azovstal iron and steel works to ground in Mariupol 05/19/2022 12:04:24. Total views 182. Views today — 1.

Leader of the "DNR" quasi-formation Denis Pushilin has stated that a park zone or a technopark would be built on the site of the Azovstal plant, which is regularly bombed by russian occupiers. This was reported by the russian RIA Novosti.

The leader of the militants also stated that Mariupol "will be rebuilt with a focus on the resort business", and he hopes for russia's help with this.

The Mariupol City Council reacted to the intention to demolish Azovstal, having explained why the occupiers are doing this way…

"The AFU will soon have forces to de-occupy Mariupol. The russians are pre-emptively destroying an important for Ukraine industrial complex. They want to erase any mention of the heroic deed of the Ukrainian military. The occupiers are not interested in the restoration and development of Mariupol. For them, this is only territory for the Crimean corridor", - the message says.

The city council recalled that the Azovstal iron and steel works was a unique full-cycle metallurgical complex. 10 thousand workers worked there, billions of dollars of foreign exchange earnings and taxes went to the country's budget. The plant produced 7 thousand tons of high-quality steel, 6 million tons of cast iron and 4.5 million tons of rolled metal.

"For the russian barbarians, breaking is not making. The soul does not hurt", - the Mariupol city council stated.