Traitor Khodakovsky is ready to shoot down Marine and Azov commanders evacuating from Azovstal 05/18/2022 11:46:22. Total views 439. Views today — 0.

Alexander Khodakovsky has stated that he was ready to shoot the brigade commander of the marines of the AFU Serhiy Volyn and commander of the Azov Battalion Denys Prokopenko during the evacuation from Azovstal. The creator of the terrorist Vostok Battalion said this in a commentary to one of the russian propaganda TV channels.

The presenter asked the traitor to the Motherland whether his finger on the trigger would tremble when "Volyna" (Serhiy Volyn) and "Redis" (Denys Prokopenko) would leave Azovstal.

"Of course, we are waiting for these comrades, and, of course, the finger will not tremble. Well, there are all sorts of accidents: stumbling, self-inflicted wound", - Khodakovsky answered.

As previously reported, contrary to all the statements of russian propaganda about the "atrocities of the nationalists" against the civilian population, the "guilt" of Volyn and Prokopenko is only that they thwarted the invaders' plans for a quick capture of Mariupol. According to British intelligence, due to heavy losses, the russian army was forced to enlist a significant number of additional non-regular troops, including those from Chechnya, to assault the city.