AFU near Snake Island destroy three landing boats of invaders and Tor SAMS – South operational command 05/08/2022 11:47:34. Total views 1046. Views today — 0.

The Ukrainian military destroyed three landing boats of the occupiers, which were stationed near the temporarily occupied Snake Island. This is said in the message of the South operational command.

It notes that with the help of the Bayraktar UAV, Ukrainian fighters destroyed a landing boat of the Serna class and a Tor anti-aircraft missile system, as well as two assault boats of the Raptor class. Another Raptor was significantly damaged.

In addition, according to the operational command, "46 rashists from the crew and the landing forces went to get tickets to the concert of Joseph Kobzon. The total losses of the orcs for this day are 80 units and 10 units of equipment",

Including over the Odesa oblast, a Forpost ISR drone was shot down, and in the Kherson oblast, a consist of train of the occupiers' ammunition was destroyed.