Drama Theater in Mariupol destroyed by russian bomb killing 600 people - Associated Press 05/04/2022 19:19:40. Total views 936. Views today — 0.

The destruction of the Drama Theater in Mariupol by the russian invaders claimed the lives of about 600 civilians. This is said in the Associated Press investigation.

The journalists came to this conclusion based on the creation of a 3D model of the building, eyewitness evidents, two sets of theater floor plans, photographs and videos taken inside.

Many survivors estimate that about 1 000 people were inside at the time of the airstrike, but no one saw more than 200 people managed to escape.

Witnesses told that at least 100 people were in a field kitchen near the house - none of them survived. The rooms and corridors inside the building were crowded with people, about one person for every 3 square meters.

The investigation proved false russian claims that the theater served as a Ukrainian military base. None of the witnesses saw Ukrainian soldiers there. None of them doubted that the theater had been destroyed by russian air strikes.