"DNR" occupiers threaten to execute captured defenders of Ukraine from UK 05/02/2022 10:33:02. Total views 633. Views today — 0.

Occupation authorities of the "DNR" have stated that the captured defenders of Ukraine from Great Britain face the death penalty "according to the laws" of the fake "republic". This is said in the message of the so-called "Prosecutor General".

It is noted that the "case" was initiated against British citizens Sean Pinner and Mark Aslin. The "DNR" decided that the defense of Ukraine from the russian invasion is a "violent upheaval", and the fact that foreigners acted as defenders of Ukraine was regarded by the occupiers as "mercenarism".

The " Prosecutor General's Office" stated that British subjects face the death penalty "according to the laws of the republic".

The fake authorities of the "DNR" referred to the Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Prisoners of War, under which the defenders of Ukraine from the UK allegedly do not fall.