Will be effective in battles in Donbas: Pentagon reports on situation with supply of 155mm M777 howitzers 04/30/2022 18:06:20. Total views 652. Views today — 0.

60% of the planned delivery of American long-range 155mm M777 howitzers was brought to Ukraine. This was stated at a briefing by a representative of the Pentagon, - Liga reports with reference to the press service of the U.S. defense department.

According to him, about 60% of the 90 M777 howitzers scheduled for delivery are located in Ukraine. More than a dozen flights from the USA are expected in the coming hours, including howitzers and 155mm shells.

"We believe that these howitzers will be… very, very effective in assisting the battles in the Donbas, which, as we have seen, are heavily dependent on the long-range fire, especially on the artillery from both sides", - the speaker said.

He also noted that the USA was training the Ukrainian military to use the M777 outside of Ukraine. In addition, the Americans will train the operation of the Phoenix Ghost drones and M113 armored personnel carriers.

The speaker added that almost 20 deliveries from seven countries have been made to Ukraine in recent hours. Assistance packages include mines, munitions, 122mm missiles, helmets and body armor.

The Pentagon official does not rule out that the fighting in the Donbas may drag on, since both sides are familiar with the area, and moreover, russia has a short supply arm from the territory of the russian federation and superior numbers. In addition, the russians are moving cautiously, trying to learn on previous mistakes.