Militant Khodakovsky admits that occupiers still failed to establish their power in Mariupol 04/29/2022 14:34:26. Total views 519. Views today — 0.

Creator of the terrorist Vostok Battalion Alexander Khodakovsky has stated that the russian invaders still failed to establish their power in captured Mariupol. He wrote this on his pages in social networks.

"Recently, I have to repeat often: there is an abyss between an idea and its implementation, and the one who knows how to overcome it is the real leader. Even if we take Mariupol, which I have to observe as a "pilot project", it can be said that we almost won the war in this area, but we have not even begun to win in peace. There is a list of measures that have been taken, but none of them work effectively - there is actually no power in the city, because this is not a question of the local mayor, but the question of the whole republic", - he asserts.

"It is precisely at this first collision with new problems for us that we need to hastily work out the methodology, because there will be many more such "Mariupols" ahead", - the militant predicts.