Deputy Commander of Azov Battalion: "I call on country's leadership to take decisive action" (VIDEO) 04/28/2022 16:10:23. Total views 614. Views today — 0.

On April 28, Deputy Commander of the Azov Battalion, Captain Sviatoslav Palamar, made a video message in which he called on the military-political leadership of Ukraine to "take decisive actions to unblock or evacuate all who hope and believe in the Motherland".

"This night is the night of colossal number of phosphor bombs, 50 airstrikes, rockets, artillery shells and everything what barbarians can use against humanity. Who will answer, why are we all alone against aircrafts and ships, against artillery that keeps firing for past 64 years? This is not mistake, because a day in Mariupol counts as a year…", - Palamar said.

He stated that Azov and the people of Mariupol are waiting for help, because "for all military, there is no difference between words and actions".

"So it is hard for us to truly understand, why we hear empty promises, with no further actions", - Palamar stressed.

"I call the top military and political authorities to resolute actions on deblockade or evacuation of all those who are here have hope and faith in our Motherland. Today I will not say Mariupol is Ukraine, but Ukraine is Mariupol", - he concluded.