Russian military against background of bodies of killed residents of Bucha: CNN confirms crimes of occupiers 04/27/2022 14:32:11. Total views 613. Views today — 0.

CNN has found video evidence that the killings of civilians in Bucha took place during the occupation of the city by the russian military.

The TV channel reported that CNN had at its disposal a drone footage of the city of Bucha in the Kyiv oblast, made when russian troops were in it, namely, on March 12-13.

The footage shows the bodies of the dead, lying on the streets of the city, and the russian military and equipment of the russian federation against their background.

CNN reports that several bodies of the dead were caught on camera, which lie in the same place as in the video, which appeared earlier, but was made later, on April 1.

In one of the fragments of the recording, the russian military is on the same street where the bodies of the dead lie.

The TV channel has not yet published this video, having limited itself to screenshots of individual frames.

As previously reported, the russian party denies the obvious facts of war crimes of the occupation forces in the occupied territories.