"No one threatened you". President of Slovakia records heart-pounding appeal to russian soldiers in russian (VIDEO) 04/27/2022 13:33:48. Total views 964. Views today — 0.

Slovak President Zuzana Čaputová addressed russian soldiers and their commanders in russian. In a video message, the head of Slovakia called the war in Ukraine "unwelcome and unprovoked", - Radio Liberty reports.

"Nobody was threatening you, no one wanted to hurt you, but now you are doing irreparable harm instead", - Čaputová emphasized, having listed several high-profile war crimes, in particular, the rape of Ukrainian women committed by the russian army.

"If you are still capable of feeling any vestige of humanity in yourself, bring it back to life and end this terrible war", - the President of Slovakia called on russian soldiers.

Also, in anticipation of her video message on Twitter, Čaputová wrote the following: " With its invasion of Ukraine, Russia has brought suffering & pain as the number of victims of sexual violence continues to grow. No war is a justification for such crimes. I appeal to Russia’s soldiers & their superiors to put an end to their violence".