Yatsenyuk’s Narodnyi Front threatens to leave negotiations on forming a coalition – Avakov 04/13/2016 11:05:48. Total views 1423. Views today — 0.

Negotiations on a coalition between PPB and Narodnyi Front again came to a deadlock and threatened to grow into a new crisis - this time on the creation of a coalition. Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov who participated in the negotiation process at night in the Presidential Administration informed LigaBusinessInform about that.

According to him, meeting of the Narodnyi Front faction is planned for the Prime Minister’s team members to decide whether to stay in the negotiation process and more than that - whether it is necessary to stay in the government.

"The probability of leaving is high. Let them form by themselves," – said the Minister.

As explained by Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s team, the balance in the negotiations wasn’t reached because of the staffing requirements of Petro Poroshenko’s team. Narodnyi Front described the presidential behaviour line as "stupid", "hopeless" and used some foul words.

"The probability is high that we will leave the government", - said the Minister.

Earlier head of the PPB faction in parliament Yuriy Lutsenko said that as a result of night talks in the PA candidate for the post of Prime Minister and the government were allegedly agreed.

"At midnight, signs of intelligence came to us. Candidate for Prime Minister and government are agreed," – said Lutsenko.