They will not stop in Donbas: russia openly starts talking about development of "liberated" territories of Ukraine 04/26/2022 11:11:00. Total views 821. Views today — 0.

Russian politicians openly say that in addition to the occupation of the Donbas announced for the purposes of the "special operation", the kremlin intends to retain the occupied territories of the south and north of Ukraine. This follows from the statement of Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Youth Policy Mikhail Kiselyov following the results of the Work for the Young Republican Youth Educational Forum, which was held in Kazan on April 25.

According to him, the ruling party in russia proposes to create construction brigades from russian students and send them to restore the territories destroyed by the war in Ukraine.

At the same time, the functionary of United Russia reports without a shadow of a doubt that students "will be involved in the construction of infrastructure facilities as part of the party's people's program" not only in the occupied Donbas, which he calls the "LNR" and "DNR", but in some "liberated territories of Ukraine".

Thus, this is referred to all the territories that the russian army has occupied and intends to occupy.

As previously reported, the kremlin has repeatedly stated that the purpose of the "special operation" (in fact, a full-fledged war against Ukraine) is the exit of fake "republics" to the administrative borders of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. The authorities of the aggressor country categorically denied the possibility of occupation of other territories. The entire experience of Ukrainian-russian relations in recent years shows that it is impossible to trust the statements of putin and his henchmen - all promises were easily broken.