Despite embargo, EU countries supply arms to russia worth 350 million euros. Allegedly, "for peaceful purposes" 04/24/2022 13:30:41. Total views 1096. Views today — 0.

At least ten European countries supplied ammunition to russia worth hundreds of millions of euros, despite the arms embargo introduced in 2014. This is reported by Novaya Gazeta. Europe with reference to The Telegraph British newspaper.

The media outlet reports that a report on gross violations of the arms embargo for the European Union was prepared by Romanian member of the European Parliament Cristian Terheș.

Most (78%) of all weapons were supplied by Germany and France. Between 2015 and 2022, these states sent bombs, missiles, projectiles and equipment to russia, worth about 273 million euros. Italy, Austria, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic are also listed in the report as countries cooperating with russia on arms supplies. In total, according to The Telegraph, russia received weapons worth 350 million euros.

"While Ukraine is desperately asking for weapons to protect itself from putin's invasion, Germany and France are silent. At the same time, they were happy to quietly and shamefully sell their goods to Moscow", - Tergeș stated.

In response to the criticism, a spokesman for the German Economy Ministry stated the country sold weapons to russia only if they were to be used "for peaceful purposes". "If there were signs of any military use, export licenses were not issued", - the spokesman explained.

According to the newspaper, France allowed exporters to fulfill contracts for the supply of weapons, issued before 2014.

The Telegraph believes that the ammunition delivered from Europe to russia can now be used in the war with Ukraine.

In 2014, the European Union imposed an arms embargo on russia amid the annexation of Crimea. At the same time, there were loopholes in the law for circumventing restrictions.