Russian occupier confirms that their troops are shelling Bryansk oblast 04/15/2022 12:12:35. Total views 757. Views today — 0.

The russian occupiers confirm that they fired on the village of Klimovo in the Bryansk oblast, although Ukraine was blamed for this. This is confirmed by recent intercepts of telephone conversations of the occupiers, - the Security Service of Ukraine reports.

"These are ours who shell", - the Russian invader, who is now in the Donetsk oblast, explains to his wife.

To her question "Why ours?", he simply answers, "This is done as these are the Ukes who provoke. And that is why they hit".

Obviously, the kremlin is indifferent to the fate of not only its military, but also civilian russians, who also suffered from the shelling of russian troops.

"The same shit was during the Chechen war. Apartments were blown up in Moscow, like that was terrorists. In fact, thet was the FSB officers. It is just that they (Ukraine – ed.) could not fire at Klimovo from such a distance", - the occupier adds.

He admits that after that, he decided to write a refusal to further participate in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine.