Russian occupier: "I am nobody at all! And none of us will be proud of it" 04/15/2022 10:24:42. Total views 613. Views today — 0.

The russian occupier cannot recover from the shock and shares his impressions of the war in a telephone conversation with a friend, - the SBU reports.

"So many people have already died, such huge losses... The residents do not welcome us. When we were standing in the village, the woman came out and just started firing at the column", - the occupier tells.

"There are inscriptions everywhere on the fences: "Russian occupiers, leave! We did not invite you! We did not expect you", "Russia is invaders", "Putin is a dickhead". Their fields were so clean, damn it. Now everything is littered and burned, the roads are completely f*cked up, there are pits, burnt equipment is standing and the bodies are lying", - the occupier tells.

He admits that he does not feel any lofty goal in his actions, as grandfathers once fought: "I am nobody at all! None of us will be proud of this... They are douchers, I am more afraid of y own people, then the Banderites"...