One of the founders of the "DPR" was a thief and an idler. The chairman of the "CEC" was dismissed with shame 04/12/2016 13:55:36. Total views 1110. Views today — 0.

The so-called chairman of the fake "CEC" of the "DPR" Roman Lyagin was dismissed from the "post". It is reported by the separatist "DPR" website with reference to "the administration of the head of the DPR".

"Roman Lyagin is reported to have negligent attitude toward his duties, violate labour discipline systematically and be engaged in activities outside the scope of his functions, including with the aim of personal enrichment", - said the statement.

It is noted that Lyagin was dismissed on April 5th, 2016 but the information about that was made public only today.

Roman Lyagin was responsible for conducting fake "referendum" on the formation of the "DPR" and counting votes.