Large group of marines break through to Azov members in besieged Mariupol 04/13/2022 11:52:17. Total views 1018. Views today — 0.

In surrounded Mariupol, one of the units of the 36th Separate Marine Brigade of the AFU Naval Forces named after Rear Admiral Mikhail Bilinsky was able to connect with the forces of the Azov regiment. This was announced on April 13 by military journalist Andriy Tsaplienko in Telegram.

"Another part of the marines was captured. The fate of the rest remains unclear; some of them broke through from the surrounded city", - Tsaplienko reported.

According to him, yesterday, one of the officers of the brigade told about a successful maneuver with the connection of a large group of marines with the Azov members.

He reported that despite the great difficulty, the special operation was carried out successfully. "I cannot tell you the details, but I can say that now we have connected with the Azov regiment. Several hundred marines, including the wounded, managed to get out", - the  Mykolaiv officer told.

According to Novynarnia, in fact, the personnel of the 36th Marine Brigade was divided into several groups. One of them accepted the offer to join the Azov units, which are holding the defense in the area of the Azovstal plant.

Tsaplienko also noted that it was the Azov officers who planned and brilliantly implemented a daring special operation to withdraw the marines who wanted to continue defending Mariupol from Azovmash and whom gathered several hundred led by one of the two battalion commanders of the 36th brigade, plus soldiers from others divisions.

"Several sources report and confirm that the day before, the battle group of the 36th infantry fighting regiment, led by commander of the brigade, Hero of Ukraine, Colonel Volodymyr Baraniuk, made a breakthrough in a northerly direction in order to cross the front line and connect with the main forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. As a result of the fire damage, the column dispersed, the Ukrainian military continued to leave dismounted. Some of them were probably injured and died. Some were surrounded and captured. The fate of most of the marines from the group that went to the breakthrough, including brigade commander Volodymyr Baraniuk, remains unknown after the morning of April 11. Crossing the front line is theoretically possible", - the military journalist reported.