Rashist tank shot down a girl – Peskov was rubbed his nose in the video, but he continued to deny the obvious 04/11/2022 14:00:44. Total views 559. Views today — 1.

Speaker of the president of the aggressor country Peskov continues to deny the obvious even after showing a video in which a Russian tank shoots down a girl on a bicycle. This follows from a fragment of his interview with the SKY news TV channel.

"Our team has also verified this next video to early March in the same area (where the girl was killed - OstroV) of Bucha. Here we see a woman with a bike, named today as Iryna Filkina, walking along Yablunska Street when russian troops were in control. Around a corner there is an armoured vehicle, identified by our team as a russian military vehicle, so the russians are there. You can see the vehicle fires a shot which creates a plume of smoke exactly where Iryna was standing with her bike... After the russians have withdrawn, this video geolocated to the exact same spot showing Iryna lying dead on the ground, so there can be no real doubt surely that this shows russian troops killing a civilian" - the journalist said, showing Peskov the relevant video and satellite images.

In response to indisputable evidence, the speaker of the president of the aggressor country asked how the journalists managed to confirm that the tank shooting at the girl in the zone of the total presence of russian troops was exactly russian.

"How could you exactly identify the russian tank or whatever? Why do you think it was russian?", - Peskov pretended to be an idiot.

The journalist reacted quite calmly and showed an scaled-up still, which clearly shows the identification marks of the military equipment of the aggressor country. "OK, well, I think we got a still that shows the russian tanks - you can see it if you look at that, you can see the V marking clearly on the side", - the interviewer said.

"But these were not the tanks that were shooting", - putin's spokesman continued to deny.

"These are the exact same armoured vehicles that were om that street. I mean, look, if we've verified the geolocation...", - the journalist just started, but Peskov interrupted him, stubbornly stating that "what are you showing right now is not the exact tank that was shooting".

"This is exactly the same armored vehicle. I mean, so you deny that that happened, you're denying it's happened and you're saying it's being faked. Basically, it's some sort of conspirancy, is that right?", - the correspondent ended this fruitless conversation.

In response, the speaker of the president of the aggressor country confirmed that no, even the most obvious evidence, will force the kremlin to admit "that the russian military can have something in common with these atrocities and with dead bodies that were shown on the streets of Bucha".