Using example of Mariupol, militant Khodakovsky explains why occupiers do not fight "elegantly", but ruthlessly destroy cities 04/10/2022 17:03:45. Total views 615. Views today — 1.

Creator of the terrorist Vostok Battalion Alexander Khodakovsky, using the example of destroyed Mariupol, actually justifies the use of the "burnt soil" tactics by the russian invaders. This follows from his post on social networks.

"You can see yourself what state the city is in - they have to be smoked out of almost every building, and not by elegant methods, but by effective ones", - the militant admits that they are not interested in the fate of the cities stormed by the invaders.

He explains the rejection of "elegant" methods in urban combat conditions by the large losses of the invaders in manpower. Therefore, Khodakovsky assures, it is necessary to destroy residential and industrial buildings with bombs and shells.

"There are already enough people out of action, and if we knock them out by fighting inside each building, then our forces will run out quickly, or rather, they would have ended in the first quarters. Therefore, it is natural, albeit dramatic, that such a method is used - aviation and artillery", - he justifies the "burnt soil" tactics used by the russian occupiers.