Police confirmed the fact of conflict between fighter of Dnepr-1 and minibus passengers with children at the checkpoint near Chasova Yara 04/11/2016 23:52:59. Total views 933. Views today — 0.

Police of Bakhmut confirms the conflict between employees of Dnepr-1 and passengers of the minibus taking children to the pool but denied shooting at the checkpoint near Chasova Yara, - reports Vecherniy Bakhmut.

Last week, on April 7th there appeared information about the conflict at the checkpoint near Chasova Yara. A journalist of the local Znamya Industriyi irina Slavich states that she was an eyewitness of the events. According to her, the military stopped the minibus, which drove more than ten women with children from Konstantinovka to Bakhmut pool. "A man in camouflage with chevrons" of the Special Forces Dnepr1 strictly ordered to move off to the side, took away the driver's passport and promised to hold the car with the women and children for three hours till circumstances are clarified," - said thenewspaper. According to the narrator, when women came up to the military and asked to return the documents, machine gun fire sounded, "the fighter fired into the air over the heads of those present." Some of the parents went on foot along the highway with the small children and things back to Konstantinovka, - said the author.

According to the version made public by the chief of the Police Department in Bakhmut Vladimir Goncharov, the conflict arose from the fact that the driver of the minibus carrying a group of parents with children from Konstantinovka to Seversk tried to bypass the checkpoint not to stand in the queue.

"At 17:40 the Bakhmut Police Department received a call from Dnepr-1 employee who said that citizens in a car did not meet the requirements of checkpoints rules. After the arrival of the investigation group it was revealed that they rushed to the pool, passenger persuaded the minibus driver to bypass. When they were stopped, they started shouting that they were in a hurry and late to the pool, etc. Neither the bus driver, nor any of the passengers confirmed the fact of shooting. Yes, the conflict took place but there was no fire," - Vladimir Goncharov said.

Head of the Bakhmut Police Department added that his subordinates carried out official inspection on this case and sent materials to the prosecutor.