Number of victims of russian strike on Kramatorsk rises to 50, another 98 are injured 04/08/2022 18:54:45. Total views 781. Views today — 0.

The number of victims of the russian occupiers' missile attack on the Kramatorsk railway station on April 8 has risen to 50, another 98 people were injured. This was reported by head of the Donetsk Oblast Military Administration Pavol Kyrylenko.

"There are fifty dead, five of them are children. This is the number of victims at this hour as a result of the strike of the russian occupation troops on the railway station of Kramatorsk by Tochka-U . At the moment, 98 people have been taken to hospitals. Other victims will also apply in one or two days, so the number of victims will constantly change", - Kyrylenko reported.

"Of the 98 wounded who were taken to medical facilities, there are 16 children, 46 women and 36 men. Twelve of them died in the hospital. 38 people died right at the station. The russian invaders must be punished for all their crimes that they commit on our land", - the head of the oblast announced.