Bodies of dead in Bucha have been lying since March 11, when russian troops were there. There are satellite images - NYT (PHOTO) 04/05/2022 10:16:49. Total views 836. Views today — 0.

Satellite images show that the bodies of those killed in Bucha began to appear there since March 11, when the city was under the Russian occupation. This is reported by the Ukrayinska Pravda with reference to The New York Times.

This refutes the false statements of the Russian Federation that allegedly, people were killed after the withdrawal of Russian troops.

"A review of video and satellite imagery by The Times shows that many civilians were killed over three weeks ago when the Russian military controlled the city.

One video, filmed on April 2 by a member of the local council, shows many bodies strewn along the Yablonska Street in Bucha.

Satellite images provided to The Times by the Maxar Technologies Company show that at least 11 of them have been on the street since March 11, when Russia, according to its story, occupied the city".