According to plan of rashists, "denazified" Ukraine should be led by "dnr/lnr" militants 04/04/2022 16:59:51. Total views 357. Views today — 0.

According to the plan for the "reorganization" of Ukraine published by the russian media, the "denazified" country should be led by militants of the "dnr/lnr".

As previously reported, the leading russian RIA Novosti news agency has disseminated an openly fascist plan for the so-called "demilitarization" and "denazification" of Ukraine as a result of military aggression against our country.

According to this "programme document", Ukraine cannot exist as a nation state, therefore, after "denazification", it must be completely subordinate to russia.

Not only the current leaders, but also the entire population of Ukraine should be excluded from governing the country and making any decisions. "The Bandera elite must be eliminated, its reeducation is impossible. "The social "swamp", which actively and passively supported it by action and inaction, must survive the hardships of the war and learn the experience as a historical lesson and atonement for its guilt", - the author of essentially new edition of Hitler's Mein Kampf writes.

He proposes to entrust the management of the "denazified" country, deprived of everything Ukrainian and all its statehood, to the "dnr/lnr" militants.

"Those who did not support the Nazi regime, suffered from it and the war unleashed by it in the Donbas, must be consolidated and organized and must become the backbone of the new government", - the chauvinist is sure that pushilins-pasechniks will be the best conductors of russian politics in the "Ukraine of the Future" for russia.