UN Security Council refuses Russia to hold meeting on topic of "Ukraine's blatant provocation in Bucha" 04/04/2022 14:35:19. Total views 781. Views today — 0.

The UN Security Council will not hold a meeting on April 4 at the request of Russia, which demanded to discuss the "blatant provocation of Ukrainian radicals in Bucha". This is reported by Meduza with reference to a statement by a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

It is noted that the Russian request was rejected by the UK presiding in the Security Council.

Reuters, in turn, reports with reference to the British delegation that the discussion of the situation in Ukraine ("Bucha massacre") will take place as planned on Tuesday.

The Ukrainian authorities accuse the Russian military of killing civilians in the Kyiv oblast, including in the city of Bucha. The bodies of the dead were found there after the departure of the Russian military from the region, which controlled it for several weeks. The authorities of the Russian Federation traditionally refer to the numerous photo and video evidence of these murders as "provocation" and "staging" without evidence.