Machinery from Petrovsk Plant of Coal Engineering in occupied Donetsk is taken away for scrap: they will grow mushrooms 04/11/2016 17:13:03. Total views 1037. Views today — 0.

Equipment of Petrovsk Plant of Coal Engineering is dismantled and for scrap in occupied Donetsk. Several sources in the enterprise informed OstroV about that.

At the moment, the plant is not working. All employees except those who guard the premises have been fired. "Right now, cranes have been brought for dismantling equipment," - said the OstroV’s source

According to sources at the plant, in this case we are not talking about actions of the militants but the decision of the owners of the company. Thus, they are now going to grow mushrooms in some buildings of the plant, in particular, in the bath, and have already brought needed materials.

The plant has been recognized as a leader in the development and production of high quality conveyor equipment, components of belt conveyors and equipment of transport systems, as well as the sole manufacturer and supplier of unified telecommunication systems of dispatcher monitoring and automated control of aerogas condition, machines and technological complexes (UTAS system). This system has been implemented in more than 30 mines.