Kremlin refuses to discuss issue of occupied Crimea in negotiations with Ukraine 03/30/2022 17:02:08. Total views 889. Views today — 0.

The kremlin has refused to condemn the issue of the occupied Crimea in negotiations with Ukraine. This was stated by press secretary of the aggressor country Peskov at a briefing in moscow.

As previously reported, the Ukrainian side submitted its proposals at the talks in Istanbul, according to which the issue of illegally occupied Crimea without the use of military force would be discussed for 15 years. Earlier, russia demanded in an ultimatum that Ukraine recognize the stolen peninsula as russian.

"The Ukrainian side has stated that it refuses to return the Crimea and Sevastopol by military means, but wants to negotiate on this matter", - journalists asked Peskov to comment on the possibility of accepting the Ukrainian proposal.

"The Crimea is part of the russian federation. According to our Constitution, we cannot discuss the fate of russian territories with anyone. This is out of the question. This is written in our constitution", - the kremlin speaker voiced the traditional russian position on the occupied Crimea.

As previously reported, the Constitution of Ukraine clearly states that the Crimea Sevastopol is the territory of Ukraine. It is this status of the peninsula that the entire world community recognizes.