Traitors In Melitopol make lists of participants in ATO, security officials and military: punishers of russian federation cut off doors with grinder (PHOTO) 03/30/2022 14:36:50. Total views 619. Views today — 0.

In Melitopol, Russian occupiers cut off doors with a grinder at entrances and offices where pro-Ukrainian activists and ATO participants live or work. This is reported by RIA-Melitopol.

Local collaborators, led by self-proclaimed "mayor" of the city Galina Danilchenko, act as tipsters for the punishers.

By order of the latter, the heads of condominiums and quarters are obliged to draw up lists of in what apartment the families of the ATO officers, officials, security officials, military and deputies live.

Then the occupiers come with searches, and prior to that, they cut off the doors in the entrances with a grinder.

"The residents shout to them from the balconies and windows that they themselves will open the doors in the entrance, so that they do not cut off the doors. But the occupiers do not listen to them and answer: "We have an order!"