War is peace! The kremlin warns that russian federation will not allow peacekeepers to stop aggression against Ukraine 03/23/2022 13:42:34. Total views 601. Views today — 0.

Any attempt to send NATO peacekeepers to attacked Ukraine will be perceived by the kremlin as the beginning of a direct clash between russia and the Alliance. This was stated by Foreign Minister of the aggressor country Lavrov during a meeting with students and teachers of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, - the Russian media write.

"If NATO sends its peacekeepers to Ukraine, this will be a direct clash between the armed forces of russia and the alliance", - he once again threatened those who could potentially stop russia's bloody aggression against Ukraine.

Later, the same threat was voiced by press secretary of the president of the aggressor country peskov. "It would be a very reckless and extremely dangerous decision. A military special operation is being carried out. And any possible contact between our military and

NATO military can lead to understandable and difficult-to-repair consequences", - he said.
As previously reported, Poland took the initiative to send a peacekeeping mission to Ukraine to end the barbaric war unleashed by the kremlin.