According to Ministry of Defense of Belarus, Belarusian paratroopers are moving away from borders with Ukraine 03/21/2022 16:34:43. Total views 814. Views today — 0.

Belarusian paratroopers are allegedly moving away from the borders with Ukraine. In any case, this is what the Ministry of Defense of Belarus reports.

"The paratroopers of the 38th Brest Separate Guards Airborne Assault Brigade returned to their permanent disposition after successfully completing the task of strengthening sections of the state border of the Republic of Belarus", - the so-called defense department's statement says.

As previously reported, Ukrainian intelligence reported on March 20, Ukrainian that there were "signs of preparation of the armed forces of Belarus for a direct invasion of the territory of Ukraine".

Brest paratroopers spent three weeks near the Ukrainian border. Belarus claimed that they "were strengthening the protection of the border".