The governor of the Donetsk region expects 5 billion hryvnia from the budget for the rehabilitation of infrastructure in 2016 12/09/2015 20:20:04. Total views 251. Views today — 0.

The chairman of Donetsk Regional State Administration Pavel Zhebrivskyi expects that in the next year there will be at least 3 billion hryvnia from the budget for the rehabilitation of infrastructure. He said this at a briefing in Artemovsk.

"We are planning three areas of financing infrastructure rehabilitation. The first is a budget of financial resources. I suppose that if some of our accounts are not nullified by the Cabinet of Ministers in the near future, we will have the budgetary resources to restore somewhat of 5 billion for the next year. Three billion as minimum", - said the governor.

The regional authorities also intend "to use horizontal connections with the UNDP and EU so that money does not go through Kiev, and you can work directly and avoid increased bureaucracy".

"And the third question: we have got the Agency of Restoring Donbass. If they start to work effectively, we are ready to work jointly with them to implement the projects", - said Zhebrivskyi