Enemy losses as of March 16: 13800 people, 84 aircraft, 108 helicopters and almost 14 thousand AFVs 03/16/2022 10:34:06. Total views 935. Views today — 0.

The total combat losses of the Russian army from February 24 to March 16 amounted to more than 13 800 people, 84 aircraft, 108 helicopters and 430 tanks. This is said in the message of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It notes that the occupiers of the Russian Federation lost 1375 units of armored combat vehicles, 190 units of artillery systems, 70 units of multiple launch rocket systems, 43 units of air defense systems, 819 units of automotive equipment, 3 units of ships/boats, 60 units tanks with fuel and lubricants, 11 UAVs of the tactical level and 10 units of special equipment.