Zelensky: This is the biggest blow to the Russian army in decades 03/12/2022 16:36:20. Total views 823. Views today — 0.

"The losses of the Russian troops are colossal. The dynamics of the occupiers’ losses on the 17th day is already such that we can confidently say that this is the biggest blow to the Russian army in decades. They have not lost so much anywhere else in such a number of days", - President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky stated in a video message on March 12.

"Since the beginning of the invasion, the 31st battalion tactical group of the enemy has lost its combat capability. The Russian military is no longer just yield themselves prisoners alone, but by whole groups. The groups are trying to leave the territory of Ukraine home, to Russia. The losses of the invaders in technical capabilities are simply amazing. More than 360 tanks and 1205 armored vehicles. And that is without counting the losses in battles this night and morning. Already about 60 aircraft. More than 80 helicopters. Hundreds and hundreds of other equipment. In particular, the most modern models that Russia is proud of. Most armies of the world have no so much as the Russian troops lost during the invasion", - the President stressed.

"Ukrainians! I want you to understand me correctly. We have ringing success. The way the entire Ukrainian people resist these invaders has already gone down in history. But we have no right to reduce the intensity of defense. No matter how difficult it is for us. We have no right to reduce the energy of resistance. The enemy is bringing new columns into the territory of Ukraine. They are looking everywhere for fighters for themselves. Reservists. Conscripts. Mercenaries. They are trying to take us by quantity. By the number of fighters and the amount of equipment. They use terror to break our faith in victory and in Ukraine. I am sure they will not succeed. It will give them no result", - Zelensky stressed.

"But in order for them not to succeed, we still need to fight. We still need to be focused. All of us, all Ukrainians, still need to continue to focus on defense. Work together. Without internal splits. Supporting each other. Across the country. From Uzhhorod to Melitopol. From Chernihiv to Mariupol. From Lviv to Kharkiv. Exactly as we are doing for the 17th day of the war", - the President urged.

"Now is the time that requires us to be efficient in everyday minutiae as well. To do our job one hundred percent, help colleagues and take care of our loved ones. At the same time, to give everything that is needed for our defense. For our defenders. This is a patriotic war. This is a people's war. This is a war for our independence. Not just of a state. But of everything Ukrainian that was, is and will be in the world. Glory to Ukraine!", - Zelensky stressed.