Residents of Melitopol go to rally demanding release of mayor kidnapped by occupiers of Russian Federation (VIDEO) 03/12/2022 10:40:50. Total views 686. Views today — 2.

Residents of Ukrainian Melitopol went to a rally demanding the release of Ivan Fedorov, kidnapped by the occupiers of the Russian Federation. This is reported by Melitopol News.

In the morning, Melitopol residents gathered on the Ivan Alekseev Street near the building of the district state administration, where the occupiers have now settled. People are demanding the release of mayor Ivan Fedorov, - local journalists who have preserved their patriotic position write.

The protest campaign began at 7 a.m. - people came out to demand from the Russian military that mayor Ivan Fedorov be released.

As previously reported, armed men abducted Ivan Fedorov from the building of the Taras Shevchenko Palace of Culture, where the headquarters and center for providing social assistance are located, at the height of working day. This fact angered the residents of Melitopol. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky called the incident a crime against democracy.