Propagandist from Russian Federation does not advise angering residents of "liberated" Donbas by asking if they are happy with arrival of Russia 03/11/2022 16:33:29. Total views 794. Views today — 0.

Propagandist from the Russian Federation Marina Akhmedova does not advise angering the iresidents of the "liberated" Donbas with the question of whether they are happy with the arrival of Russia. She wrote this in an article for one of the magazines.

"But how do you understand what people think there? What will they answer to a direct question - "Are you happy?"… What can people who do not have light, heat, water and cellular communication say? Are they scared? They are scared. People are always scared in such turning points. And I am sorry that I cannot show how cheerful and happy they are", - Akhmedova writes.

"But the questions – "Are you happy?" and "Have you been waiting for Russia?" – will need to be asked after people can receive the first pensions and social benefits. Now bank cards do not work there. You have to travel to Ukrainian territory to withdraw cash. It is too dangerous to go there", - she describes the situation of people who lived a peaceful life before the start of the Russian aggression and did not know the problems described above.

"It is clear that hard days await people from the liberated territories until everything is settled", - the propagandist admits.