Russian occupiers drop bomb with capacity of 1000 kg of TNT in center of Mariupol 03/11/2022 09:47:04. Total views 428. Views today — 0.

The Russian occupation troops have used an aerial bomb with a capacity of 1000 kg of TNT in the center of Mariupol. This was announced by adviser to the mayor Petro Andriushchenko on his Facebook.

"The level of inhumanity of Russians is growing every day. Almost 16 hours of bombardment of residential areas. An aerial bomb for 1000 kg of TNT was used in the city center for the first time. Near historical heritage of not only Mariupol or Ukraine, but also the world – the studio of famous muralist Arnautov", - Petro Andriushchenko wrote.

He noted that the purpose of the bombing was to destroy the road infrastructure in order to prevent evacuation.

As Andriushchenko added, a fake about the control of the city center and the Azovstal metallurgical plant by the Russians was thrown in for the first time. The information does not correspond with reality.

Let us recall that the Russian occupiers have been frustrating attempts to organize a "green" corridor for the evacuation of civilians for the sixth day in a row. Russists are shelling places in Mariupol where people should have left.