Zelensky: "Russian soldiers! You still have a chance to survive" 03/09/2022 15:53:35. Total views 673. Views today — 1.

"Russian soldiers! You still have a chance to survive", - President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has addressed the Russian occupiers in his video message on March 9.

"Almost two weeks of our resistance showed you that we will not surrender. That we will fight until we return our land and until we answer for all our killed people in full. For killed children. You can still be saved. If you just leave", - Zelensky said.

"Do not believe your commanders when they tell you that you still have a chance in Ukraine. Nothing awaits you here. Except for captivity or death, you take our lives and give yours. And we know - we have intercepts - that your commanders already understand everything", - the President stated.

"We need to end this war. We need to return to peace. Leave our homes, go to your place", - Zelensky urged.